Coin Street - Your Path to Financial Prosperity

Everything we do is focused on creating a better financial future for you.

At Coin Street, we believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to build a secure and prosperous future. We understand that the world of investments can be complex and daunting, which is why we're here to guide you through it. We want to work with you at each step in your wealth creation journey and ensure you get the right financial advice which is aligned with your goals and risk profile.

Our Story - From Passion to Profession

It all began as a side hustle, a humble endeavor driven by passion. Over a decade ago, we took our first steps into the world of capital management when we began managing our own funds. What started as a personal pursuit has evolved into a profound journey of growth and discovery.

Throughout these ten years, we faced many ups and downs, standing alongside Mr. Market, gaining invaluable insights along the way. Each mistake, each failure taught us something precious, only fueling our eagerness to learn more. We became avid students of the financial markets and never ceased learning. These daily lessons have compounded over the years. As we reflect on our journey, we realized we've reached a point where we want to share our learnings and experiences, and in the process, help others grow their wealth. We wanted to create a platform where every individual could find the tools and support needed to nurture their financial wellbeing. And so, Coin Street was born

Founding Team


Rohit is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, where he earned his B.Tech, and IIM Calcutta, where he completed his MBA. He has worked for 9 years at Standard Chartered Bank. During this tenure, he gained valuable experience and industry insights. He has worked with various teams like commercial real estate, corporate finance, and capital markets

Rohit Prakash

Ambuj Choudhary


Ambuj is an industry veteran with 18+ years of experience and has held many senior positions, including CFO and board member in various real estate and hospitality firms. He is helping us with his invaluable experience as we embark on our journey to build one of the preferred investing platform

Our Values


Resilience is our bedrock. Given the dynamic nature of market, we stick to our process, adapt swiftly to change and emerge stronger. It guides our decisions, ensuring stability and long-term value for our clients.


In our investment management practice, integrity is paramount. We prioritize transparency, honesty, and client interests above all. It's the bedrock of trust, ensuring our clients' financial well-being is secure at every step

Self Discipline

Self-discipline is like a compass for us. It enables us to stick to proven strategies amidst market noise. This curbs impulsiveness, and ensures right execution and thereby, safeguarding our client's hard earned capital


We like to set higher benchmarks and then work constantly to achieve those. We are always eager to learn and upskill ourselves. we aspire to not just meet, but exceed our clients' expectations over long term