Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started Investment Process Payment, Cancellation & Refunds

Coin Street is an investment advisory platform that provides equity model portfolios across market segments to its subscribers.

Yes, Coin Street is registered with SEBI, and we comply with all the rules and regulations of SEBI. Our company Coinwise Research is a SEBI registered investment advisory firm; Reg No: INA000018382

Currently, we are offering equity model portfolios across the market segment based on different themes and strategies. We also publish various research report and articles and other learning materials which maybe useful in your investment journey

You will get access to the subscribed model portfolios along with periodic updates related to that portfolio. Please refer FAQs related to individual model portfolios for better understanding.

Prime is specially focused on small and midcap segments of the market and therefore suitable for experienced investors who can handle volatiltiy. 

Titans comprises of mostly large, well-recognised company usually from top 100 largest companies by market cap. Therefore, it is ideal for investors with lower risk appetite and volatility shall be lower compared to Prime and Leap.

Leap is a flexi cap strategy. Allocation to large, mid and small cap will depend on which segments of the market are doing better at a specific point in time.

The choice of subscription should depend on your risk appetite. "Leap" and "Prime" comprise mostly small and mid-cap stocks and, by nature, smaller companies are more volatile and riskier, but also more rewarding. Hence, if you have a higher risk appetite and have some investing experience, you may consider choosing "Leap or Prime". If you are just starting or have minimal risk appetite, you should choose “Titans”. 

Yes, KYC and Risk Profiling are mandatory steps which need to be completed before you get access to the investment portfolio. This is required as per SEBI regulations. We have provided an easy e-kyc option based on your pan card.  

We follow a quantitative approach, i.e factor investing. please refer individual portfolio page to understand the underlying logic and methodology behind each strategy. For better understanding of factor investing and back testing results, you can read about it here 

We have provided allocation percentage for each stock. You can allocate that amount towards each stock. For example, your total investment corpus is INR 10 lakh and allocation against each stock is as follows:

Stock 1: 10%

Stock 2: 15%

Stock 3: 5% and so on.

In that case you have to allocate INR 1 lakh (i.e 10% of INR 10 lakh) to Stock 1 ; INR 1.5 lakh (15% of INR 10 lakh) to Stock 2 and INR 50,000 (5% of INR 10 lakh) to Stock 3 and so on.

Sometimes we follow an equal allocation strategy to all stocks; in that case you can allocate equal money to each stock in the portfolio

We monitor all portfolio stocks regularly and we would suggest if any action required. 

As a new subscriber, you can start adding each stock mentioned in the portfolio as per amount allocated to each stock. You need to do transactions at your end in your demat account. If you need any assistance, please reach out to us and we will guide you 

We do not offer the option of e-mandates to automatically debit your bank account or credit card. To continue using our service after your membership expires, you will need to make a new payment

You have the option to cancel your subscription within one month of purchase and receive a full refund. No questions asked. To initiate the refund process, please send an email to us using your registered email address, including your bank account or UPI details where you would like to receive the refund.

Yes, you have the option to cancel one of your active subscriptions within one month of the original subscription date, and the same refund policy applies