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A flexi cap portfolio that is based on trend following strategy on quality stocks

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Coin Street "Leap" is based on an age-old market wisdom i.e "Trend is Your Friend". We apply our multifactor screener to filter the universe of quality stocks from Nifty 500 universe and then look to participate in the long- term trends. We look at sectors which are outperforming and then identify good quality stocks from that sector to participate in the trend till it lasts. 

Leap comprises of an investment basket of 20-25 stocks diversified across sectors and market cap. There is no fixed rebalance as entry and exits are entirely rule based.

In the sideways market, there may be frequent changes in the portfolio. In case there are not enough ideas, we would like to stay in cash or allocate capital towards gold and bonds.

Number of Stocks Re-balance Frequency Launch Date
Up to 25 As needed 05th October 2023
Last Update Portfolio Valuation* Portfolio Average ROE*
05th Jan 2024 Price to Earnings: 32.2x 17%
Benchmark Return Since Inception Benchmark Return
BSE 500 39.8% 21.4%
*ROE and Valuation based on FY23 Earnings Return figures updated once every week

Universe: Nifty 500 companies 

Quality Filter: We use our quantitative metrics and assign a score to each company in the universe. Stocks are then ranked based on these scores. We use both long term and short-term financial performance to assign quality scores to each company in the universe. 

Stocks Selection: From the filtered list of quality companies, we look for outperforming sectors or new emerging sectoral trends and select stocks from these sectors

Portfolio Creation: A diverse portfolio of 20-25 stocks across different sectors is created.  

 1. Who should subscribe to this strategy?

Your choice of strategy should depend on your risk profile. "Leap" is suitable for Moderate or "Aggressive" style investor. Investor with "Conservative" risk profile should not choose Leap

 2. What is the allocation to large, mid and small cap stocks in the Portfolio?

There is no fixed allocation percentage. The choice of allocation would depend on which segment of the market is displaying stronger relative outperformance. In a strong bull market, we may allocate higher percentage to small and midcap stocks.

3. What is the Minimum and Suggested Investment Amount?

Minimum Investment Amount is the minimum amount you would need to buy the desired quantity of each stock to ensure allocation to each stock is aligned as per the portfolio objectives. 

Suggested Investment Amount is the ideal minimum amount which you should be investing in this strategy to ensure the advisory and other costs are justified in a meaningful way.

 4. Some of the stocks in the portfolio have increased a lot; is it still worth allocating money to these stocks?

If a stock has run up a lot, there is no reason why it cannot go up further. We suggest you follow the allocation mentioned against each name. If a stock is present in the list, one can allocate money as per suggested weightage. 

 5. Why are you exiting a stock when it's in loss?

Profit and loss booking are part of the game. If a stock meets our sell criteria, we will exit it. Despite our best efforts to select good portfolio stocks, some of them will not perform on the expected lines. Therefore, it is important to cut the losses early before they get big. One should always look at overall portfolio results and not how individual stocks are doing. 

6. Can we invest via SIP route in this portfolio?

No, this strategy is more suitable for lumpsum investment. Having said that you can do the lumpsum investment in 2-3 tranches (for example 50% in 1st time, 30% and 20% in second and 3rd tranche). If you are looking for monthly SIP option, we recommend subscribing to our Titans strategy

7. What kind of return can we expect from this strategy?

Markets are volatile by nature, and they go through periods of ups and downs. Therefore, one cannot provide a figure for expected returns. Your return would depend on when you start and how long you remain invested. It's important to have an investment horizon of at least 3-5 years (longer the better) to get any meaningful return from stock market investing. The returns shown here are the performance of our model portfolio from the launch. Different subscribers who joined at different times will experience different returns.

8. What is the Benchmark index for this strategy?

The benchmark for this strategy is BSE 500

Minimum Investment Amount

₹ 1,00,043

Suggested Investment Amount

₹ 3,00,000

Get access for ₹625/per month

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