Invest smarter with our data-driven approach

At Coin Street, our investment philosophy revolves around a quantitative approach to investing that relies on objective criteria and avoids the biases and emotions often associated with subjective decision-making. Our investment strategy integrates fundamental and technical parameters, enabling us to make informed buy and sell decisions based on data-driven analysis.

One of the key aspects of our investment approach is our focus on identifying multibagger stocks – those that have the potential to generate exceptional returns over the long-term. To do this, we utilize our own stock grading system that evaluates each stock in our universe based on three key criteria: “Quality,” “Growth,” and “Fundamental Trend.” By quantifying these factors with specific metrics, we assign different weights to each factor and give more importance to the “Growth” factor in our stock grading system. This reflects our focus on growth-style investing, which is key to identifying multibagger stocks.

Our comprehensive stock selection approach includes our own stock grading system that evaluates each stock in our universe based on the three criteria. Additionally, we use a weighted average score to rank all the stocks in our universe, and only consider the top 30% of stocks that meet our criteria for inclusion in our recommendations. Our subscribers can rest assured that we conduct a thorough analysis before providing recommendations. We check accounting, governance, and liquidity, among other factors, before finalizing our recommendation list. We also incorporate technical analysis to determine if the stock is trending upwards or downwards. While most of our recommendations follow the rules outlined above, we also offer recommendations under our “Leap” category that are solely based on technical considerations. These are designed for those investors who prefer a shorter-term investment horizon. Finally, we also devote significant effort to determining when to sell stock. Like our buying rules, we have a pre-defined set of exit rules, including identifying signs of trend reversals, evidence of earnings divergence, or excessive valuation. Coin Street, we strive to provide our subscribers with comprehensive investment advice that is grounded in a quantitative approach to investing.